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Round Pellia (Susswassertang) Java Fern Windelov, Aquarium Live plant Star grass, Heteranthera zosterifolia
Round Pellia (Susswassertang)
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Moss will be delivered in seal bag. 6 grams of Round Pellia (Susswassertang)!!!

Süsswassertang (German spelling: Süßwassertang; see ß) is a type of aquarium plant formerly known as "round Pellia" or "round-leaf Pellia". It was long considered to be a liverwort, which it strongly resembles, but in 2009, a molecular phylogenetic study determined that it is, in fact, an fern gametophyte. Further, it is a species of Lomariopsis.[1] It is closest to Lomariopsis lineata, but may be a new, unnamed species. Many reference sources on the web describe it as L. lineata, but its inclusion in that species has not been validly determined. Efforts to induce the plant to form a sporophyte have failed, which may indicate status as a new species. This plant was first mis- identified as Pellia endiviifolia before the analysis that determined its true status.

The name means "freshwater seaweed" in German.

Reproduction is by fragmentation. Pieces that break off develop into new plants.

The plant is thalloid in form, and exhibits indeterminate growth. It is profusely branched, and 1 cell-layer thick. Because of its lack of morphological characters, it has been difficult to determine its systematic position. Gametangia are rarely produced, but they are clearly fern-like. The archegonia have short necks and the venter (base) is partly sunk into the thallus. The antheridia are like those of polypodialean ferns in that they consist of a basal cell, a ring cell, and a cap cell
Microsorium pteropus 'Windelov'

Common name: Java fern windelov

Height: under 15 cm (5.91 inch)
Lightning: 0,30 wats/litre (1.14 wats/gal)
Temperature: 22 °C (71.6 °F) - 28 °C (82.4 °F)
pH tolerance: 5 - 11
Water hardness tolerance: 5,5 - 7,5 °dKH
Utilization of the plant: aquarium, paludarium, terrarium
Location of the plant: center, background

I will send you a bunch of Windelov's fern (approx 10 leaves). Fern can be different shapes and sizes(from 3 - 7cm). It should be placed on rocks and driftwood, with its roots loose in the water.
Picture not shows what you receive. Its for viewing only.
Heteranthera zosterifolia, Stargrass, Star Grass

Stargrass is very versatile in that it can be used as a foreground, mid-ground and background plant. The reason for this is that it can be trimmed and shaped just like a hedge. When used in the foreground it should be trimmed to about an inch or so; side shoots will develop below the cutting point and soon you will have a rich, green carpet. In mid-ground stargrass can be used to butt up against other plants, concealing the bottoms of those stem plants with scant leaves. Left to its own devices, it will grow about 20 in. tall, making it suitable for the back and sides.

Common Name:Star Grass
Proper Name:Heteranthera zosterifolia
Category:Stem Plants
Temperature:19 - 28 C
PH:5.0 - 7.0
Growth Rate:Fast
Position in Aquascape:Background,Mid-Ground

I will send you 4 steams of Stargrass. Plants can be different shape and size.
Hemianthus micranthemoides, Pearl Grass
Hemianthus micranthemoides, Pearl Grass

Pearl grass is a versatile plant that's highly recommended for virtually any planted tank with sufficient lighting. It's an ideal background plant in smaller tanks where the small leaves help create an illusion of greater tank size, and it's also a great selection for foreground highlights, filler, and contrast in larger tanks. Under brighter light the plant is encouraged to send off horizontal creepers with numerous side shoots that develop at the internodes. In time, a beautiful, thick, bushy cushion of green is created. Under less light or shaded areas, the stems tend to grow more upright with fewer side shoots. Pearl grass also responds extremely well to trimming, soon forming new shoots near the end of the cut stem. Cuttings themselves are also amazingly persistent, taking root and forming a new plant even with only a couple centimeters of stem to work with. In Eastern-style aquariums one can take advantage of its natural tendency to produce creepers and side shoots, and in Dutch-style tanks that emphasize a more manicured look, pearl grass's suitability to frequent trimming also makes it an ideal choice. Whether your tank is a natural-style aquarium, a garden-style aquarium, or anything in between, I highly recommend this beautiful and versatile plant. The only requisites for good growth are relatively bright lighting (around 4 Watts/liter) and the avoidance of certain medications, which may cause it to exhibit somewhat stunted growth with browning leaf tips or to melt away completely.

I will send you 10 steams of Pearl Grass. Plants can be different shape and size. (5 - 10cm)